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Benefits of Juicing

More Nutrients is Absorbed.

Since you’re drinking rather than eating, you are able to take in more vegetables. Juicing will take nutrients directly to the blood stream and allow you to consume more vegetable efficiently. 

Feeds good Bacteria to the Gut.

Key to a healthy body is a healthy gut, in which juicing allows these vegetables to be easily digested. Adding the right amount of fruit & vegetables to your diet through juicing increases good bacteria.

Improves Performance & Skin Complexion.

Beet juice & carrot juice are proven to improve athletic performance naturally. Beets improve oxygen & blood circulation inside the muscles. Carrots are a good source of vitamins and minerals, which helps skin smoothness and eye site.

Clients Reviews

“It’s a pleasure working with Healthy Jasmine. She is extremely knowledgeable and her recommendations have been spot-on. Since I’ve been working with her all aspects of my life have improved. She is always quick to get back to you with your questions and concerns. I highly recommend working with her!”

Scott W.

“Jasmine’s heart is one of the purest I’ve ever been around. She deeply cares for people and their health and has a gentle hand in guiding others on their own health journeys.”

Jenny M.

“Healthy Jasmine is my trusted resource to filter information about health and wellness. I am confident that she will disseminate useful information so I don’t have too.”

Jason Z.

“Thanks so much for your help and wisdom, lately I feel like my doctors do not listen to me and just dismiss me. Thank you for doing what you do for people, you never know when you could be the piece to helping save and restore someone’s life.”