My Semi-Casual Easter Menu

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This year I am giving my grandmother a break and hosting Easter this year. I have a small family, it will be a total of 7 adults and my 2 kiddos. Problem is I feel like I am barely keeping above water these days. I announced this at Christmas, so like anyone else, I am a semi-last minute person. I love to host and entertain, a trait I get from my grandmother. In fact there are not enough summer weekends for me to host all the parties I want to host, but then again it all sounds good now, right? Ok, so here is what I am serving for Easter. I’ll post recipes and pics afterwards.

White Cannellini Bean Bruschetta Hummus

Cherry Honey Dijon Crusted Pork Tenderloin
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Fennel and Fresh Herbs
Fresh Spring Green Bean Salad w Champagne Honey Dressing. This recipe has inspired me to recreate something different

For my sister: Small Ham Nugget from Wellshire Farms (it is cute, the size of a softball) made in a bed of roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and endive

Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta to replace the Greek rice pudding my grandma makes each year

If time allows, I will make a Lemon Chia Seed Cake with a Cherry Glaze

What are you making for Easter or Passover?

  1. I’m doing a Sicilian Easter. App – baked clams, Dinner – homemade meatballs and gravy, penne pasta, antipasti salad, warm & crusty Italian bread, Dessert – fresh, homemade cannoli. Yours sounds fab!

    1. oh wow, I love Easter Traditions, yours sounds equally yum!

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