Homemade Miralax: Pearberry Smoothie

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Homemade Miralax:  Pearberry Smoothie

Last week I posted about the NY Times article and my problem with doctors not giving parents the tools to help children go to the bathroom. Over the weekend, I gave a stab at making a homemade Miralax that was tasty for kids to drink. This takes about 2-minutes total to make. While I know it is so much easier to have a jug of chalk on hand, but to use REAL food that has many health benefits of fiber, vitamins and minerals, seriously you can’t go wrong. The ingredients are simple:

4 simple ingredients to make this delicious smoothie

1/2c of flax milk or other non-dairy milk (remember, milk can be constipating) water will be fine too.
1 organic pear (5.5g of fiber)
1c of frozen raspberries (8g of fiber)
1T of unfiltered flax oil (1g fiber)
2tsp of raw honey
*If you would like to add your favorite vanilla non dairy, non-soy protein powder, then you may, but it is not necessary, though we did.

Blend in your blender and drink up. I would give kids half of this, adults should drink the whole thing. The pear gives it a nice foam, while the frozen raspberries give it that frozen smoothie texture, flax oil helps things to move along and honey, well that too has a laxative effect. Even in the Bible, in Proverbs 25:16 it states:

“If you find honey, eat just enough–too much of it, and you will vomit.”

Raw honey has its medicinal purposes. Not only does it have trace minerals we are lacking, it has a lubricating effect on the intestines helping waste move along. Heck, someone even did a study on it, but sometimes the Good Book is truly full of information that has been known for centuries.

That’s it. This smoothie will provide half of your fiber needs for the day for adults and half of it will for children. Simple? Yep, that easy. Now give it a try.

  1. Tonya,

    I know a few moms of toddlers that have tried this, I would start with 1/4 cup for the 1 year old and go up from there. Keep us posted!

  2. I already got all the ingredients, I hope it works. My lil one holds her poop. Have been giving miralax for 10 months and when I try to stop it, she holds it again. So I will try the natural way and convincing her she has to go.
    can’t give up and give miralax forever.
    thanks for the idea.

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