What You Need to Know About GMO's

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What You Need to Know About GMO's

I have been a long time reader of how GMO products are harmful to our bodies. Dr. Mercola has done a fantastic job of educating his followers about GMO’s and have tried hard to not buy GMO based food products. Let’s be honest, how do you know if what you are buying is a GMO product? Well you don’t, unless you live in a country that has mandatory labeling, such as Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and all of the countries in the European Union. Then of course there are countries that have severe restrictions or bans against GMO food production or selling GMO food products. These countries are Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Ireland, the Philippines, Australia, Peru and Japan. (source: mercola.com) So why are wealthy and developed countries like Canada and USA refuse to label our products? That is why we have a right to know:

If Prop 37 passes in California, it will begin to set the standards in other states.

I realize I buy foods that are GMO, but I am more likely to buy products if they support this label:

Companies that use this label are proud to know use any GMO’s in their products.

I have also downloaded the Non-GMO Shopping Guide onto my phone and Honest Label where you can scan your products to see where it came from.

I do follow the Dirty Dozen Produce to purchase my organic produce (they have a free app or download the shopper’s wallet guide) and avoid produce that begins with the number “8” as it means it is a GMO product (look for the little stickers). I will shop at Farmer’s Markets because they use less pesticides and many small farms cannot afford to be labeled “organic.”

I also follow these organizations on Facebook:

Just Label It

Environmental Working Group


Healthy Child, Healthy World

I am excited to a panelist for the first time for a topic I have been passionate about for years. Join us tonight on Twitter for a Twitter Party and win great, GMO-Free Products from Beanitos (my new favorite chip) and Unreal(TM) Candy

So join us tonight (yes, can you tell I am super excited?!) for the #Yeson37 Label GMO Twitter Party and RSVP here!

Who: @CARighttoKnow & @LabelGMOs

When: Friday, August 10th

Time: 10-11pm EST/9pm-10pm CST

Hashtags: #Yeson37 #LabelGMOs

Share with me, are you just as concerned as WE are?

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