My Dailey Method Bucktown Wrap-Up

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My Dailey Method Bucktown Wrap-Up

I finally wrapped up my free month to the Dailey Method Bucktown last week. They kindly gave me an extension for 10 days in August since I was out for a good two weeks for vacation and my daughter’s Summer Olympic’s Birthday Party. Overall, I like it, or should say, addicted to loving it! There are pros and cons in which I am going to discuss. But what were my results? I didn’t lose a pound, but I measured myself on July 1 and again on August 8. I lost a half inch in my chest and hips and one inch in my waist. So all of you ladies who focus on that scale, you need to look at those inches. Yes, my clothes are fitting better and people have asked me what have I been doing. Just a combo of healthy eating and Dailey Method workouts.

1. What I did learn is that I have become a stronger runner. I can run the hills in the Indiana Dunes with ease (ok most hills, some are just way too steep still), but wow, I felt so awesome to run the hills I had to stop halfway and walk.

2. My low back pain is gone and my IT Bands feel better. (and don’t have to stretch in between vacuuming)

3. I can squat down and pick up my son with ease (thanks to all those crazy high heeled and deep V squatting, read Oh My Thigh’s and Tri’s).

4. My husband says my legs are looking stronger again. (Thanks honey, now I walk around thinking I have Olympic legs like Gabby Douglas).

5. My posture has improved again. I prided myself in having a good upright posture (pre-breastfeeding era).

6. It has given me the confidence to teach group fitness classes again and recently had to “audition” to teach classes at a local health club (last time I “auditioned” was 1999..). I really do love and miss teaching. I even got a few new moves and yes the idea of becoming a Dailey Method Instructor has crossed my mind.

Bar stretching with squared hips allowed my IT Bands to open up and release the pressure from my knees

I have also under-estimated the understanding of mind/body exercise until recently. After going experiencing some emotional stress, I went to a class last Monday, sweating and shaking beyond belief. Not only has my capacity to fully understand each move and deepening my practice, but when you are experiencing some sort of emotional stress, it does weaken your practice as well. I struggled with many of the moves last week due to some of the emotional stress I was dealing with and internalizing (yes, I know not healthy). I had to scale it down a bit, but I walked away more sore than I had in the first week of doing the workouts.

About the instructors:
Tami: There is a love/hate relationship, she is funny, witty and doesn’t like when you make faces. Overall, her morning classes are full. It will be a while before I can take a Tues morning class. It gets out too late for me to get my daughter to school on time.
Jenny: She’s tough and means business. She is easing into her morning straight arm planks (thank you) but she is conscious of helping others understanding each move by correcting your form. She has corrected my hips plenty of times and my IT bands are thanking her.
Ashlee: Super cute and bubbly, she has a nonchalant attitude while teaching. She likes doing a lot of legs, at least in my experience and I like doing legs…a lot.
Natalia: I took her Principles class once and used their childcare. This was a great class for me to take at the time since my body was fatigued from doing the workouts every day during a two week spurt in July. It was also refreshing to hear old school music from the 80’s and 90’s. I was getting mentally bored with some of the music.
Ryan: Again, took his class once, but it was awesome to take a class from a guy. He needs to be in the morning rotation. 🙂
Erin: Dailey Deeper on Fridays rocked, but yeah, this girl’s lower abs, you can tell are rock solid stable, a little jealous, but completely motivates me to push myself beyond the point of when I think “I can’t” I am just competitive that way.

My only issue is that I think there should be a free pass once a month to late cancel or no-show. I had a bad night with my son, which I overslept and clearly needed that rest. They do deduct it from the end of your month, so it ends a day sooner. Or you can buy late passes, but I just can’t see ever doing that. And sometimes sleep just wins in my book.

For me, it is a bit of a hike and I love working out in the mornings as I don’t want to pay for childcare. It takes me a lot longer to get back home than it does to get there, overall I am spending 25-minutes total to travel back and forth verses the 5-minute walk I am use too. Those 25-minutes is a lot of time, especially when you have to get kids ready in the morning for school. I will be taking the 5:30 morning classes when I can.

I do plan on going back and buying a 10 class pass so I have the option to go when I can. My goal is to go at least once a week, ideally twice per week.

I do recommend this workout. It is tough, challenging even for someone like myself who likes bootcamp style programs, I think this is a gentler, kinder way to work the entire body out.

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