8 Fun Facts About My Wedding Day

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8 Fun Facts About My Wedding Day

Today my husband and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. My father-in-law is the one that actually predicted that “I was the one” to my husband when he first brought me home to meet his family. His dad said, “You are going to marry that girl.” Jeff told me and I was the one that freaked out.

This is the year we are suppose to go to a casino as the suggested anniversary trip. And heck we might, even though we don’t like to gamble. The best advise my husband said to me before we married, “The best day of my life is when you said yes, the wedding day is just bonus. Let’s enjoy our day no matter what happens.” So with that, here are 8 Fun Facts About My Wedding Day:

1. I wanted a pear shaped diamond, he wanted a circle. Our first big compromise and he bought the oval cut. We were engaged and married in 12 weeks. I seriously didn’t want to waste a year of my time planning a wedding, I mean why wait? And I was not a bridzella for the record.

This ring is a symbol of our first big compromise

2. It was hard for me to say yes to the date. Labor Day was booked and the week after September 11th was getting too close to my birthday. But it was important for my husband for the day to be earlier because his niece was having serious spinal surgery and in case anything bad happened to her, he wanted her to be there. It is our happy day. But I still honored the day. My neighbors let me take a few pics on their shiny red truck:

3. I am pretty sure my husband married me for two reasons. 1.) I hate shopping and 2.) I love football. For our first year anniversary gift (the year of paper) I bought us two tickets to the preseason Bears vs. Browns game. My husband is from Cleveland, so it was cool it happened on our anniversary. Yes I thought I was pretty darn cool. Sorry guys, I am taken.

4. I walked myself down the aisle and my husband met me halfway. It was meant to be symbolic for all who understand in friendships and marriage, we are meant to meet each other halfway.

Even when we disagree, we try to meet halfway

5. We got married on the East Bank Club’s roof top deck, the place where beautiful people are seen and want to be seen. It was a fabulous view of the city, outdoor ceremony. They closed up half of the deck so people could use the pool and then closed it off during the ceremony. A woman in a white two piece with a fake boob job walked in front of my entire guests right before he was getting ready to walk to the alter. Our best man just coached my husband, just look down the aisle, just look down the aisle….

Thankful he has eyes only for me

6. I wrote my whole wedding ceremony. My husband said he would find someone to marry us. He did. A retired Army Chaplin from his Bible study… who happened to be, well let’s just say he struggled with some mental health issues. We met up with him and his wife, they were so sweet, he was super excited, he took notes, we told him we were writing our own vows. Dress rehearsal night we were getting ready to practice when he asked us, “Um, how do you want me to start?” I looked at my husband-to-be and I said, “UM, how about Dearly Beloved?” I freaked out…went to dinner early,laughed a bit and I was up till 1am looking up “how to write a wedding ceremony.” I editted it in the early morning and wrote it in 20 letter fonts…he did great, except when he read, “Jeff to read wedding vows here” and proceeded to read ahead…and yes, he was a very, sweet, kind man. We had a really cool voice (think southern twang) and he did a wonderful job.

I vowed to pick out his clothes when they didn’t match and let our kids be Browns Fans

7. We took pictures on the exact bridge where Dave Matthew’s Band decided to dump their wastes from their bus onto a tour boat. It was still a hot topic since it happened a few weeks prior to our wedding.

One of my favorite pictures

8. Since we didn’t want the night to end, we went clubbing. I went clubbing in my wedding dress with great friends, had a great time and made great memories! Thanks to all who shared our special day!

What a blast our wedding day was!

Each year it gets better and better. I never thought it could and pulling up my old wedding pics made me tear up wanting to go back to that wonderful day for us 8 years ago. Thank you to my husband Jeff for being my biggest supporter, my friend, the father to my kids and being the loyal, spiritual man that makes me love you more every day.

Never walk in front or behind, but walking hand in hand and side by side is where you will be forever.

Live by faith. Galatians 2:20
Grow in grace. II Peter 3:18
Walk in love. Ephesians 5:2
Seek peace. I Peter 3:11
Be filled with joy. Psalm 68:3

Live Fully, Love Deeply, Laugh Loudly.

Your loving and devoted wife, I love you.

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  1. Congratulations on eight years! What a funny, happy and touching recap.

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