Announcing the launch of my Snack Smart Solutions App

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Announcing the launch of my Snack Smart Solutions App

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For the majority of 2012, I spent more than half of the year creating my app, Snack Smart Solutions. I originally met with the developer to create an ebook in helping parents understanding and recognizing early food sensitivities. She said, “Jasmine you need to do an app!” I left our meeting perplexed and drained about the idea of doing an app. However later that evening, next to my nightstand was a talk I had just given to new moms about healthy and quick snack tips to help moms with their energy levels. The idea was right next to my bed. Even though I had about 15 snacks that were paired to help boost energy and sustain blood sugars, I wondered how many moms were really going to keep that handout around. No body likes clutter, even I hate having papers around our small condo.

Throughout the years, after doing numerous corporate wellness seminars, I learned people want to be told exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Working folks don’t have time to think during their day often grabbing something from a vending machine. But what about moms on the go? People who are trying to lose weight? Or those who are just bored with their snacks. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about the idea.

During my research I learned quite a few snack facts:

Americans are consuming 570 calories extra in snacks than we did 10 years ago

Americans first choice of snacks are chips and soda

We eat the same 40 foods each week, including what goes into our snacks, boring!

While fruit is making its way on top of the list and is a good choice, it is not the best choice as eating fruit leaves us still hungry because we did not pair it with some protein and good fats.

We also snack 2-3 times per day

Then I thought, how cool would it be to pull up an app and find a healthy snack idea that is proportioned, is Snack Smart Solutions short logothe right amount of fiber, protein, and good fats that help sustain blood sugars to avoid over-eating and crashes at the wrong time of day. Also to have snacks that have been paired at certain times of the day to help create energy in the body naturally or to help it slow down, especially for the evening snackers.

All 40 snacks on the app do just that. Are the snacks all fruits, nuts, veggies and seeds? No, you will see a couple of your favorites like Beanitos and surprisingly, Unreal Candy, but a couple of my local favorites like Simple Square Bars and Square One Organics Baby Food. Majority of the snacks are gluten free and there are Paleo, Vegetarian, dairy-free, nut and peanut free options, though they do not have their own category.

The Future of the App:

The app has the potential to grow and be more intricate. The plan is to work with healthy food companies that are free of GMO’s, food dyes, artificial sugars and preservatives. The ability to click on the product and go directly to their website will be a great feature.

20 more snacks will be uploaded between March-June and the goal is to have 100 snacks by the end of the year
More categories will be added to the app such as: Toddler Snack Solutions, After School Snacks, Pre Workout and Post Workout Snacks, “Barred” Snacks and others.

So come on over to the Snack Smart Solutions Facebook Page and like it to learn more Snack Smart tips. If you are on Twitter, the hashtag is #SnackSmart and you can follow me @HealthyJasmine

And if you don’t believe me, check out Mamavation Mom, Aries Mom’s Review on the app.

The app is available at iTunes App Store on Google Play and on Amazon Apps for $1.99

Tell me, what category or healthy food company would you like to see on the app?

  1. Congrats on the launch. I will help promote but never received the app to check out. We had talked about that but I am hoping that you had a bunch of people clawing through the crowd to check it out and my name got dropped to the bottom of the pile.

  2. Thanks ladies, it has been fun so far. Hope you are able to enjoy it or share it!

    1. Thank you Stacy and for pinning it! Be sure to head on over to the Snack Smart Solutions Facebook page and like it for healthy and smart snack tips!

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