Cutie Pie? A Very Healthy Valentine's Day Idea

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Cutie Pie?  A Very Healthy Valentine's Day Idea

Last year when my in preschool, I was new on Pinterest and looked hard for healthy valentine fun treats. There are a ton of cute homemade treats you can give out, but our school has a no candy policy (which I like). Being a foodie, I wanted to do something healthy and did not include those goldfish crackers. After seeing a bag of cuties, it came to me. Cutie Pie? Here was last year’s A Very Healthy Valentine’s Day Idea.

I started by making hearts out of construction paper. I hand wrote all the messages, taped them onto cake pop sticks with the following sayings:

Cutie Patootie

Will You Be my Cutie?

Cutie Pie

Valentine’s Cutie

Valentine cutie's color change
I then wrapped the cuties in Valentine cake pop bags, placed on stick and tied them up to hold the Valentine’s message. The only thing my daughter had to do was put them in her friend’s mailbox. She did not have to address each Valentine, which made it super easy. We made some extras for the teachers, they need to be healthy too!

How easy is that? It was definitely a win-win and parents loved the healthy treat and message that went along with our healthy Valentine’s Day. And they are heart healthy!

Do you have any healthy Valentine’s Day treat ideas? I’d love to hear them.

  1. This is adorable. For my son and husband this year I am pondering the avocado chocolate “mousse” with raspberries and another book for my little guy (he got The Lorax last year).

    1. I love chocolate avocado mouse! Can you make me some? 😉 I am not sure what I am doing this year for classroom Valentine’s Treats. We may do this again?

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