Reversing My Son's Psoriasis

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Reversing My Son's Psoriasis

My son wasn’t even a year old when he developed eczema… after his birth, someone made us chicken and cheese enchiladas, so I ate some. Within 24 hours he had bloody streaks in his diapers, so I avoided dairy. I would try it out every two months and still reactive with bloody stools. Around 10 months I thought he was ok and dabbled in it here and there, then he developed eczema, so took it back out, it cleared up. Little did I know it was just the beginning stages of psoriasis and here is our story how I am reversing my son’s psoriasis.

My son began developing these red, scaly and dry patches behind his arm and on his cheeks around 18m and I kept thinking it was eczema. In May of 2012, he was sick with a stomach virus and did not eat anything for almost five days and his skin cleared up. That is when I knew it was related to something he was eating, however, we were already, gluten, soy, dairy, nut, peanut, corn, coconut, fruit and egg free, so it was baffling to me. I took him to our in house allergist and she told me that it was not related and to have him tested for a condition that causes allergies in the digestive track. I opted out, I didn’t want a scope down his throat and decided to get a second opinion and went back to the alternative pediatric GI we had seen a few months prior. He said that he had candida and prescribed him a very powerful anti-fungal. Without testing him, it did not sit right with me, so I took the prescription and never filled it. Though I was convinced he had candida

We went to a dermatologist  in the fall of 2012 to get a proper diagnosis and when she looked at him, she said it is psoriasis and she had seen enough cases, however there was no relation to diet and skin issues. She gave me a prescription for a topical steroid. I took it and never filled it. I was not going to give my son a steroid cream, it also disrupts the gut bacteria, which I already knew was imbalanced and the possibility it would not work. I was glad to get the skin issue figured out, but was bummed about my dead end streets I was running into. Everyone thought I was crazy for keeping him off of these foods.

I went back to my naturopathic MD who did another stress assessment scan and learned he still could not do any of the above foods and to keep avoiding it. Though when she looked at his red scaly cheeks, she knew he was eating something he could not digest. In Chinese medicine, red cheeks is related to the stomach.

I saw another allergist, recommended by a friend, while he confirmed psoriasis, did the scratch tests, they came up negative. He said to keep avoiding gluten and dairy and gave me a prescription for a steroid cream…

Perplexed one day I was talking to my mom who told me my father was allergic to salicylic acid, a component found in aspirin. It is a life threatening allergy for him. I don’t remember why she told me, but it stuck in my head.

April 2013, three weeks before my son’s 3rd birthday, I pulled out all of his food charts for the 50th time and looked up salicylates and link to psoriasis. I came across this post on a connection with before and after pictures. I found another site that had a food chart with foods that were high in “sals” and it matched almost perfectly. With the genetic component it made sense and he went on a low-sals diet for a week and his skin was clearing up! I went back to the allergist and he was even impressed with my findings and said he wouldn’t do a blood test and the food elimination diet we did was the best method. He advised to keep doing what I was doing and look into the Feingold diet. He also did another scratch test but added tomatoes, coconuts and a couple of others. While there was no immediate reaction, he was racing to the bathroom and peed about seven times in 2 hours…it triggered his bladder, a sign of a sals allergy and he was throwing more tantrums, the most since we started our low-sals diet.

Taken on July 30, 12-weeks of being on a low-sals diet
Taken on July 30, 12-weeks of being on a low-sals diet, psoriasis patch is almost gone
Picture on the right taken 2 weeks after being sals-free
Picture on the right taken 2 weeks after being sals-free, psoriasis is clearing up


You can see how much the skin has healed and how it is reforming and blending back to his normal skin.

He also had it on his cheeks:

Taken 8-weeks being on a low-sals diet
Taken 8-weeks being on a low-sals diet, red flushed cheeks from being at Disney
Taken on the first day of our low-sals diet
Taken on the first day of our low-sals diet, scaly red cheeks from psoriasis













All I did was change his diet. The reason he it was not full blown was because we were already avoiding some trigger foods like fruit, nuts and coconut. No special creams and for the doctors that told me there was no relation…I found this study in 1964, now many would think this research is “outdated” I find it to be of value to link this sensitivity to psoriasis. What did I use on his skin? I was using California Baby, but at the time I kept thinking it was making his skin worse. I later learned it has salicylates in it. As does steroid creams as does many other personal care products such as shampoos, toothpastes, and of course many fever reducers. So I found this African Shea Butter just to keep his skin from being so dry and itchy.

So What is a Salicylate? I began writing about this allergy in my Chicago Parent column. But being off of salicylates I noticed other things.

1. His behavior changed. He was more calm, more focused

2. He slept better. Waking almost none to once in the middle of the night. And he was sleeping till 6-6:30am, for us that is huge!

3. He began to poop on the potty and his bowels changed they looked normal. That is a big deal folks!

4. He is less aggressive. When he eats something that is moderate to high in salicylates, he gets really aggressive, hits and angers easily.

5. His speech has improved big time, saying 4-5 word sentences, bigger words and we have not seen any speech therapist since he turned 3 in April.

It has been so strange to see all of this change from a naturally occurring compound that is found in fruits, veggies and herbs. It boggles my mind, but you know what, I am determined to reverse this and heal his gut. I have something to prove.

  1. Wow, that is great. I am now interested on see how it evolves. Thanks for sharing

  2. I have heard of this diet before in regards to Autism and things of that Neuro Nature but had no clue about using in for Psoriasis. We have thought about trying out the Feingold Diet to see if it helps out with Jakers and his autism and the results you are seeing have made me decide to look back into this alot more detailed. That is amazing what it is doing for LiL Man

    1. Thanks Meagan. I found the Feingold diet to be a good start, but it is outdated in terms of what foods are high in salicylates. I tested a few safe Feingold foods, but my son was still reactive. It is definitely worth trying as a base, but if you are finding that it is not working, you may need to take more of the high “sals” foods out. Thanks for reading!! Let me know how I can help you!

      1. These fruits and veggies are also VERY important to avoid if you vaccinate. Especially after flu and varicella, you are not supposed to consume anything with salicylates for SIX weeks after the vaccine (along with not being around infants, children and elderly), but unfortunately, doctors won’t tell you this… 🙁

        1. And raw milk is great at helping psoriasis as well. Helps really quickly. 😀

        2. SO interesting Tiffany. I recently learned vaccines were high in sals/phenols, but I find this very compelling. Thank you for sharing this important info!!

          1. Hi Pamela,

            Frustrating indeed, unfortunately as with many doctors, they do not link nutrition to any form of disease. What clued me in is when my son’s skin cleared in 5 days from his stomach virus, but always had a hunch it was something he was eating. We fail to look from the inside an seek solutions to apply topically which usually does not solve the issue, just masks it. I’ve been told 30% of the time atopic dermatitis is related to food, and more often I like to think that number lingers around 80%. Now I am seeking a solution to heal the gut so we can eat more foods as this is a very limiting diet.

      2. The Feingold Program isn’t outdated. Which salicylates are problematic is individual. Also, the lists you see do not address the kind of salicylate. See The Feingold list is kept the way it has always been because it works — the membership materials does includes all the new info (since the Swain research of 1985). You do what works! Sounds like you have! What a wonderful feeling it must be to find an answer for your son.

  3. Jasmine, thank you for sharing your journey with your son with all of us. I have been passing on your information to a friend who’s child is going through something similar. Encouraging stuff here!

    1. Thank you Ashely! It is difficult, but I have faith that we can reverse the salicylate allergy.

  4. Thanks Jasmine, for sharing it with everyone. It is really very irritating to go through with psoriasis, and it needs to take extra care while suffering. I would surely keep this information in my mind in case I need it in future, And you really did a great job!

    1. Thank you Anna, I just want to create awareness to help others of looking at other possibilities in food triggers

  5. Wow, thank you for sharing this. My mom suffered with psoriasis all her life. My children suffer with eczema even though we are wheat and gluten free. I’ll look into this diet and eliminating high sals.

  6. Do you have any links on what a diet eliminating high sals looks like?


  7. Thank you soooooooo much for this article!! Today you gave me what I needed to understand that what my baby has is NOT eczema but psoriasis! I cannot find the foods to avoid… I am already avoiding so many! Could you please give me that list so I can help my baby better? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


    1. Hi Maria,

      I am SO happy that you may have found your solution to what is ailing your son. Are you currently breastfeeding your baby? Did you introduce solids yet? Here is a short list, it is not the entire list on where to begin:

      Feel free to email me if you want to discuss more. I am currently looking into the FailSafe Diet based out of Australia that eliminates sals an other naturally occurring chemical based foods

      1. Thank you for your answer!!

        I just sent you an e-mail 🙂

  8. I have been suffering Psoriasis problems for years and had been taken through numerous tests given all kinds of creams with steroids …they gave me injections with steroids which would work for about a week then the psoriasis came back with a vengeance …..nothing was working …..I decided one day while cleaning debris out of our garage that was stored by several tenants and in the debris was a jar of Royal jelly…… from an early childhood I heard my mother talking about the fantastic cures from Royal Jelly this is taken from the queen bee hive ….company is Jaffra ….well I tried applying the cream and within 2 days the psoriasis was gone ……no more steroids … more anything but the Royal Jelly from Jaffra …..It has been hard to find but is fantastic …..try it …it helps

    1. That is great to know there is another possible solution to relieving yourself from psoriasis. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Hello, thank you marian for the royal jelly tip. Jaffra company is in US, so I have just purchased a jar from an Australian company (free post too, which is good)
      I’ve had Psoriasis for 58 years and it is really bad at the moment.
      So instead of cream from doctor, I’m going to try the Royal Jelly.
      I will let you all know how I go.

      Jasmine, I am looking into the Salicylate connection, will let you know how it helps me.

      Thank you everyone for your positive, supportive, informative posts, I’m so glad I found this wonderful place!

  9. Hi Ruth,

    I would try taking out all fruit including avocados and tomato and tomato based products and switching your oils as a start and wait a couple more weeks. It usually takes around 21 days for foods to cycle through our bodies. My son loved organic kethcup too, he is also sensitive to the starchy veggies. I am eager to start more greens again, but keep telling myself this is a phase. It is tough, a very tough diet to follow. I ordered the FailSafe Program from Australia but if you weave your way through, you can find the lists of foods. I am on a group called Salicylate Sensitivity on FB, so see if you can find that as a support system. Keep me posted.

  10. Both my son and I have suffered from sal intolerance with varying degrees of improvement. I’m fully recovered and I take desiccated thyroid hormone and do many nutritional supplements and probiotics.

    Dr. Broda Barnes linked psoriasis to hypothyroidism and I think that is a central factor for us as others have said at the Salicylate Sensitivity site, and also those doing the FAILSAFE low sal diet.

    (Sue Dengate has a great book on sal intolerance called Fed Up based on the FAILSAFE diet researched by Anne Swain PhD at the Royal Price Alfred Hospital in NZ. Sal intolerance is very well known and practiced by RDs in Australia and NZ.)

    back to hypothyroidism… Barnes tested patients with a full history of symptoms and physical signs such as basal body temps and reflex testing. Blood testing is not accurate. See his book, Hypothyrodism: The Unsuspected Illness. Sadly modern endocrinologists dismiss his incredible amount of knowledge and tremendous success during his long career as a GP and researcher.

    Sals inhibit thyroid function as well, so it seems to be chicken vs. egg.

    Also an OAT urine test will show if bad bacteria that overproduce sals are a factor. For me, homemade raw milk kefir balanced my gut flora enough to eliminate my major sal symptom, interstitial cystitis. Which is also connected to hypoT. See Dr. Weyrich’s mention:

    Also cod liver oil

    1. Hi Jane and thank you so much for your informative reply! We are currently doing the FS diet with much success and many times I want to throw in the towel. I do believe this was triggered by our traumatic birth he had, (which was posted a couple of weeks ago). I am currently looking into the OAT test and a panel of blood work for him including hypothyroid. I met a fantastic NP over the weekend who gave me a list of tests to request from our doctor to get things started and healing his gut in the right direction. My son is super sensitive to the sals and adding something unknowingly made me realize how sensitive he is reacting to sals (and amines much to my surprise!)

      I will definitely look up that book, I’ve been interested in the thyroid connection w skin issues and behavioral issues from what I learned at this Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference this past weekend in Chicago.

      I am so determined to help heal his gut and am inspired by your story. It is a journey indeed!

  11. I have dermatitis and the topical cream my doctor gave me just isn’t doing anything. And over the Winter it has spread so much, so I have started doing research for alternative treatments. I just came across your article and am very intrigued with it and am anxious to try this Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  12. This is SO inspiring, Jasmine!!! I love how you proved the doctors wrong and kept pushing for your son’s health! GOOD MAMA! 🙂 I’ve heard of removing salicylates for a Fibromyalgia protocol, but never in relation to psoriasis. Thank you for sharing this. xo

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