Gluten Free Weight Loss Brownies

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Gluten Free Weight Loss Brownies

I’ve been making this recipe for quite a few years now and have tweaked it along the way. I swear whenever I eat too many of these, I will lose a couple of pounds…it is too good not to eat so many up! This is why I call these Weightloss Brownies. This is a winner among adults and kids alike. It is naturally gluten free and once you see the ingredients you can see why…it is more of a protein-fiber bomb, but who cares, it is a sweet treat you can feel good about eating and making.  The best part?  It can all be made right in your blender straight into your square glass dish.


Weight Loss Brownies 

These no-guilt sweet treat will have you eating seconds.
These no-guilt sweet treat will have you eating seconds.

1 can of garbanzo or black beans (make sure to buy a brand that is BPA-free) Trader Joe’s beans are BPA-free!

3 large eggs (organic or pasture raised)

1/4 cup of coconut palm sugar

1/4 cup of Grade B Maple Syrup

1 tsp of corn free baking powder by Hain’s

1/2 tsp of baking soda

1 cup of dairy free chocolate chips (if you need it to be dairy free)

3 drops of cinnamon oil

3 Tbl of chocolate chips to sprinkle on top of batter


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease an 8×8 glass dish w coconut oil

2. Drain and rinse beans and place into the blender

3. Add eggs through baking soda and blend until smooth

4. Melt chocolate chips on stove

5. Mix melted chocolate chips into batter and blend

6. Add 3 drops of Cinnamon oil and mix with spoon

7. Pour batter into glass dish and sprinkle chocolate chips on top

8. Bake in over for 40-minutes

Cool and enjoy!

Now you can see why I call these weightloss brownies. The beans gives it the fiber to make you feel full, eggs for protein, just enough sweetness with the chocolate chips and the cinnamon oil to help stabilize your blood sugars. You can add 4 drops if you would like, it will taste more like a Red Hot candy.

I don’t have to feel guilty with this sweet treat, in fact it is my daughter’s morning snack for tomorrow. And if you don’t think you can fool your kids, just ask my daughter’s class, they gobble these brownies right up and the teacher appreciates the power protein treat. No blood sugar crashes here!


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