Coastal Wine Spritzer Recipe

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Coastal Wine Spritzer Recipe

I was honored to be on ABC 7 Chicago segment called Healthy Holiday Cocktails on Sunday, December 22, and it inspired me to share one of my recipes that I use to watch those wine calories.  This is a simple recipe and you can use it to replace your sparkling flavored wine or champagne on New Year’s Eve.  What I love about this Coastal Wine from Trader Joe’s is 1.) it is $3.99 per bottle 2.) It comes from an organic and sustainable winery in Paso Robles, CA. (I just happened to visit this winery too back in October 2013). I had some left over  Peach-Pear LaCroix and came up with my Coastal Wine Spritzer Recipe.  Cheers to this healthy cocktail!


Coastal Wine SpritzerCoastal Wine Spritzer

3 oz of Sauvignon Blanc wine by Coastal

1 oz of Peach-Pear flavored LaCroix Water


And that is it folks!  I love that LaCroix has no artificial sugars or colors. It is simple, crisp and clean. It is nice to drink when you are a little tired of just plain old water.  This is especially good on a warm summer’s night sitting with good company!


I hope you will enjoy my special wine spritzer recipe!




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