Bacon Brussels Sprout Slaw

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I have been wanting to do something with the pre-shredded Brussels Sprouts bag that I see at Trader Joe’s. I bought a bag, then it went to waste..I hate when that happens. Then it came to me a few weeks ago when a friend of ours was visiting from Boston with their family. I then whipped it up and she was like, That’s It? I said yep! She helped me take some food pics and we named it: Bacon Brussels Sprout Slaw. I hated brussels sprouts for a long, long time. I decided to try and get over my hatred for them when I bought a package of halved brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s that had salt, pepper and chunks of garlic on it. I roasted them with coconut oil, then drizzled olive oil on them.  Oh my gosh, were they fantastic. One time while I was entertaining, I put them on a vegetable kabob and put them on the grill…yes you must try that this summer. Be sure to use that coconut oil when grilling for its high heat content. What I love about this recipe is that all these ingredients can be found at Trader Joe’s and it takes less than 10-minutes to make…well once the bacon has been baked.   Bacon Brussels Sprout Slaw 4-6 pieces of Apple Smoked Bacon baked in oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes 1 bag of shredded brussels sprouts 1/2 cup of shredded carrots 1 avocado 2 cloves of garlic 2T of coconut oil 1/2 cup of cilantro 1/2 fresh lemon squeezed 1/2 tsp of smoked paprika salt to taste I used about 1/2 tsp of Celtic Salt (which is higher in trace minerals and good for you!)   Cook bacon until crispy. Crumble real good Blend avocado, melted coconut oil, cilantro, garlic, and paprika in a food processor. Add bacon, carrots and shredded brussels sprouts together Mix avocado mixture in with the brussels sprout mixture Squeeze lemon juice and mix Add salt to taste This makes an excellent pot luck side dish. What I love is that you can make it completely vegan by omitting the bacon and you will still have that smokey flavor using the paprika.  The other great thing, you won’t have to worry about any mayo going bad..well if the slaw lasts that...

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Weightless Wednesday: Can a gluten-free diet help me lose weight?

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My gluten free adventures began in January of 2006, at a time when gluten free was better than six years before that, but not as good as it today. With all of the hype that gluten free will help you lose weight, here is my thoughts: To answer the question, the answers is YES and NO. When the body suffers from chronic inflammation, it is difficult to lose weight. When the body is stressed due to food sensitivities, lack of sleep, work stress, exercise is stress, perhaps throw in some relationship stress or even sitting in 2 hours of traffic daily, it is all stress which increases inflammation in the body. When the body is stressed, the hormones are not balanced which is key factor in weight loss. Balancing hormones that help to control our appetite, stress, sugar levels (not table sugar, but glucose in the body that is used for energy) is what helps keep our metabolism fired up and working for us. Let me repeat, it is balancing hormones that helps the body lose weight. When cortisol is elevated in the body, the body is actually increasing fat utilization and breaking down muscle tissue. Not a very kind hormone. So for those who are doing everything by the book and not seeing the scale budge you can thank cortisol for that. Gluten increases gut inflammation in the body, which is whey those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity may have one or several of the 300 symptoms that occurs. Studies are showing that gluten free diets help a number of health issues. A lifetime of a bad diet, chronic stress, prescription and OTC medicines, antibiotics makes us more prone to developing a gluten sensitivity (and other food sensitivities) and when the gut is imbalanced, weight gain occurs. However, Celiacs come in all shapes and sizes, not the thin and fragile as once termed in medical books. For those who have done the Atkins diet or any other form of “low carb” diet with huge success, most likely have a gluten sensitivity. You see, many realize the quality of our foods is less today than it was a few years ago. In fact, a wheat stalk contains 50X more gluten today than 50yrs ago! Why? It is highly processed for mass production. The fact it is in practically everything from salad dressings, taco seasonings to some chocolates makes our bodies less able to digest gluten. When we eat too much of one food group, our bodies says, slow down, I can’t process all of this, puts on the breaks and begins to back up into the body so to speak. When the body is no longer digesting it, other health ailments peak up, migraines, arthritis/joint pain, heart disease, diabetes, Crohns disease, infertility, thyroid issues, the list goes on, making food our poison more than our medicine. It takes approximately nine months for the body to begin to heal internally and inflammation to decrease, if a strict healthy diet that is free of processed and inflammatory foods, diet that is balanced with good fats and proteins to help control blood sugars, seven hours of sleep per night and proper supplementation to help aid in healing. That is what it takes to lose weight in a nutshell. If you did not ready My Gluten Story above, it took me ten months to start losing the weight I had gained from internal inflammation, even though I felt like I was starving in the beginning, it is just how the body works sometimes. I do feel many of us can benefit from a...

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Live Video Chat about Fitness & Healthy Living

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At 9PM, CST, I’ll be on social media TV Can you guess what junk food has been labeled “Cancer in a Can?” Do you know what favorite kid’s snack is called “Crack for kids? (yes I said it). We’ll be talking about MSG, BHT, and all the other food additives that cause our bodies disease and illness. Host @Leah Segedie and I will have a candid talk and you can ask questions in the chat room. This is FREE, a free wellness seminar in your home. Here is the info you need to log in:...

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Hello world!

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Jasmine’s passion for health and wellbeing stems from her own childhood. While her love of cooking and baking from scratch came from her own mom’s kitchen, Jasmine grew up drinking pop and hating her veggies. As a result, she was overweight and led an inactive lifestyle. It wasn’t until high school where Jasmine became involved in sports, that she lost weight and began to appreciate what it meant to live a healthy. Jasmine Jafferali, MPH is an Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant specializing in gluten free/allergy free living and prenatal, postpartum, infant and family health. It is her personal mission to raise her children to be healthy and happy. She wants to help you do the same and to empower you to make realistic and healthy choices for you and your...

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