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I am doing The Gunnar Challenge for 8-weeks

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I filled out a survey to do The Gunnar Challenge and was selected to give it a try for 8-weeks. Now typically I hate following “programs” because I do not believe one size is a fit all. I did the Jillian Michael’s program though a Klout Perk I had earned and I thought the workouts were fantastic, but the nutrition part is not for me. And I did not finish following through each and every workout. (lack of sleep from my son, dealing with life sometimes gets in the way of my fitness, I am just like you!) Since I follow a complicated diet (gluten, soy, dairy, corn free including no oats, buckwheat or red meats), The Gunnar Challenge will be the same way. I will have to modify the diet to my needs. So this time, I am having you hold me accountable as a way to review this program in great detail. I will analyze it from a both fitness and nutrition perspective. It is nice to have a program to use when you do not have access to a gym, cannot afford a trainer and be a part of an interactive community through Facebook and Twitter. Registration was easy. Asked for my goals, current weight/height, measurements which were optional. I opted in to enter my weight weekly and checked off that I will work out at least 4 days per week. My real goal is 5 days per week (and looking ahead, it has me scheduled for 6?…we’ll see), but one of those days will be used to run to prepare for the Dirty Girl Mud Run I am doing on June 30. So that is it. Each Monday I will post for you my experience with using the Feel Great in 8 Gunnar Challenge and I will do some before and after pics…yikes I have never done that before. However, you can join me today! Anyone who signs up today will get $30 off their registration, that is pretty cool! Click here to register. No worries, you did not miss anything for a workout, today is a rest...

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Weightless Wednesday: Can a gluten-free diet help me lose weight?

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My gluten free adventures began in January of 2006, at a time when gluten free was better than six years before that, but not as good as it today. With all of the hype that gluten free will help you lose weight, here is my thoughts: To answer the question, the answers is YES and NO. When the body suffers from chronic inflammation, it is difficult to lose weight. When the body is stressed due to food sensitivities, lack of sleep, work stress, exercise is stress, perhaps throw in some relationship stress or even sitting in 2 hours of traffic daily, it is all stress which increases inflammation in the body. When the body is stressed, the hormones are not balanced which is key factor in weight loss. Balancing hormones that help to control our appetite, stress, sugar levels (not table sugar, but glucose in the body that is used for energy) is what helps keep our metabolism fired up and working for us. Let me repeat, it is balancing hormones that helps the body lose weight. When cortisol is elevated in the body, the body is actually increasing fat utilization and breaking down muscle tissue. Not a very kind hormone. So for those who are doing everything by the book and not seeing the scale budge you can thank cortisol for that. Gluten increases gut inflammation in the body, which is whey those with Celiac or gluten sensitivity may have one or several of the 300 symptoms that occurs. Studies are showing that gluten free diets help a number of health issues. A lifetime of a bad diet, chronic stress, prescription and OTC medicines, antibiotics makes us more prone to developing a gluten sensitivity (and other food sensitivities) and when the gut is imbalanced, weight gain occurs. However, Celiacs come in all shapes and sizes, not the thin and fragile as once termed in medical books. For those who have done the Atkins diet or any other form of “low carb” diet with huge success, most likely have a gluten sensitivity. You see, many realize the quality of our foods is less today than it was a few years ago. In fact, a wheat stalk contains 50X more gluten today than 50yrs ago! Why? It is highly processed for mass production. The fact it is in practically everything from salad dressings, taco seasonings to some chocolates makes our bodies less able to digest gluten. When we eat too much of one food group, our bodies says, slow down, I can’t process all of this, puts on the breaks and begins to back up into the body so to speak. When the body is no longer digesting it, other health ailments peak up, migraines, arthritis/joint pain, heart disease, diabetes, Crohns disease, infertility, thyroid issues, the list goes on, making food our poison more than our medicine. It takes approximately nine months for the body to begin to heal internally and inflammation to decrease, if a strict healthy diet that is free of processed and inflammatory foods, diet that is balanced with good fats and proteins to help control blood sugars, seven hours of sleep per night and proper supplementation to help aid in healing. That is what it takes to lose weight in a nutshell. If you did not ready My Gluten Story above, it took me ten months to start losing the weight I had gained from internal inflammation, even though I felt like I was starving in the beginning, it is just how the body works sometimes. I do feel many of us can benefit from a...

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Weightless Wednesday: How fast did you lose the baby weight?

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I had a friend and local business owner recently post this on her Facebook page and the answers were honest, but perhaps a couple too honest. I take weight loss and being overweight seriously. Growing up an overweight child, I had my fair share of being on “diets” and adult body issues that stem from childhood. With recent public scrutiny Jessica Simpson is getting about her current pregnancy weight, I have no doubt she’ll get back within the year. Being a fitness professional, I trained pre and postpartum women. I teach fitness professionals how to train expecting and postpartum moms. I have dived into maternal and infant health journals the last semester of my graduate work realizing this is where I wanted to be involved with because I learned 9 years ago, B.K. (Before Kids) is postpartum moms are often forgotten about and postpartum moms are sensitive, tired and desperate to get back to where they were. I was like anyone else who went into their first pregnancy. I am going to eat healthy, exercise every day, I am going to stay in shape. HA! Nausea, vomiting kicked in, fatigued and eating gluten free for only 10m due to my health issues, I was desperate to eat carbs, like burgers, pizzas…I resisted, I opted to sleep and not workout instead. But being on lower carb diet, as gluten free foods were not that good 6 years ago, I found a few that I liked and survived on baked potatoes, popcorn and some brand of gf bread that was tolerable…in one month, I gained 10lbs due to extra stresses at work and finding some gfree goodies that I had missed and ate moderately…I was secretly depressed inside. I gained 45lbs my first time around, it wasn’t my plan, but reality kicked in at my 6wk postpartum check up realizing, I had to lose those last 20lbs. I cried when I looked in the mirror, having fond memories of my size 6 clothes. Well, I got into the gym and worked my butt off…I thought breastfeeding was going to help, it does, believe me, it came off fast those first few weeks, but I held on to the last 10lbs until I was done nursing my daughter, after that, the hard work paid off and was back within 3 months. The second time around, I gained only 35lbs, much better, but it was harder to lose, I’ll be honest. Not only did I have another c-section, my uterus ruptured during my VBAC (I’ll save it for another post). I had super surgery and had to take more time off. My son was exhausting, he never took a bottle from anyone, I was it. He didn’t sleep through the night until around a year old. Chasing my super active toddler, lacking sleep and motivation to get to the gym, I just couldn’t get there. I nursed him until he was 16m old. Knowing from my first experience, I knew once I stopped, it would just come right off..right? Yep, wrong and humbled again..I didn’t “work my butt” off like I did the first time. My son will be 2yrs old in 2 wks and I am now back to pre-pregnancy weight minus a few.. (yes super excited), but it took me 2 years! You see, every single mom is struggling a battle with postpartum weight loss, it doesn’t matter if you have 25, 15 or 5lbs to lose.. if your child is 6 months or 6 years old it still lingers for us. I find proud moms bragging if they lost it...

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Weightless Wednesday: How Far I Have Come

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Two weeks ago, I was having lunch with a friend from my daughter’s school. Last year, she enticed me to join her to do a mom workout from trainer who went from a size 22 to a size 6, Type I diabetic and all (amazing story). I was still nursing my son at the time, he was 11 months old and really just wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which was 10lbs. However, I knew my body, I was still breastfeeding and my body just holds onto that extra weight (as I learned from my first one). With my background, I knew that working out will help shed the weight faster once I stopped nursing. I was eating healthy (for the most part), but even I longed to get back into my skinny jeans. So she said to me, “Jasmine you look great, how much have you lost since last year?” I had to do the math. “Gosh I said, 15lbs” Even I hadn’t realized how much I had lost in a year and I was past pre-pregnancy weight. She said, “That is fantastic”. You see, I weigh myself daily. Some say that is healthy, some say that is not, but for me, it keeps me in line. But when I stepped on that scale that morning, all I could think about was how much more I wanted to lose, because I am determined to get back into a two-piece this summer and keep up with my super active kids. I didn’t think how far I had come… My weight issues stem from childhood. I was a thin child, but my parents started a pizza place fast food business when I was in second grade. Though my mom cooked fantastic homemade meals, I ate there a lot. Pizza puffs, mozzarella sticks, cheeseburgers and fries, you name it I had it for dinner a few days a week. I see the difference in my school pictures between first and second grade. I was an overweight child. I remember thinking at a young age, I wanted to go on a diet to lose the weight, yes as young as 7 years old and that began my vicious cycle (I’ll save that for another post). I look back at that little girl now and thinking how far I have come today with my own personal demons of weight issues. I eat healthier than I did even a year ago, I enjoy eating vegetables, in fact I start my day with a green smoothie, I don’t need coffee to get me going anymore, I learned some more food triggers that were draining my energy. You see, it is important for me to be a positive role model for my daughter. We talk about eating healthy, how it makes strong bodies and gives us energy. I don’t use the word “diet” and I am very, very conscious to NOT say negative words about myself in front of her, “Like I am feeling fat today” or “I need to lose more weight” or “this outfit makes me look fat”, in fact, the word fat is not part of the vocabulary until she can understand how and why body fat is important. This is important for moms who have daughters, because what we say and do can positively or negatively effect their emotional and psychological wellbeing. If damaged, it carries with us women forever. I was trying on some of my old clothes yesterday, the ones I taught group fitness classes in and there is an internal excitement that says, YES! I can fit...

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