Iced Detox Tea (for the kidneys and liver)

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I’ll have to be honest, I have a hard time drinking enough water throughout the day. I mean, I get my fair share, but not enough that I would like. Lately, I have been drinking a little more water. I put lemon, grapefruit or both in my water daily. But in the dog days of summer, it can be hard to keep up, especially when you are jogging outside more like I am. I don’t like drinking sugary drinks and certainly not a fan of ice tea, but this one came to mind and I drank it for a week, a whole pitcher every day and by the end of the week, my husband randomly said, “Your skin looks great.”  

This recipe is different as I began to make my own water kefir. I actually thought it was too sweet, so I added it to my tea to naturally sweeten it up. Some of my favorite oils to mix in and bam, you have yourself a fantastic cold beverage.  

Iced Detox TeaIced Detox Tea for the Kidneys and Liver:

2 Bags of Dandelion Root Tea steeped in  10 oz of hot water for 10-minutes, then let cool

1/2 cup of unsweetened cranberry juice

1 cup of water kefir (optional)

5 -6 cups of cold water (more if no water kefir is not used)

8 drops of  Lemon Oil

6 drops of Grapefruit Oil

Mix in a glass pitcher and chill. Serve in glasses and drink entire pitcher in one day.

This also makes an excellent hangover tea for those BBQ’s that get a little to well…you know


And you must serve this in glasses and not plastic cups. The citrus oils are so potent that they dissolve petrochemicals from anything plastic. I tried it. I put 3 drops in a solo cup and about an hour later, there was a hole.

Here is why I choose this combo so you can better understand the health benefits:

Dandelion Root Tea: Has many health benefits including, easing congestion of the liver, helps to purify the kidneys and bladder, helps to cure skin conditions, improves digestion and aids in weight loss, and it contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium vitamins B and C.

Unsweetened Cranberry Juice: I read the Fat Flush program years ago and got on this kick to dilute unsweetened cranberry juice to help “flush the fat.” Not convinced it works, but I actually like the flavor of this tarty drink and will drink this on occasion. Drinking even one cup of unsweetened Cranberry juice has a lot of health benefits. Such as keeping bacteria out of the urinary tract, high in B6, copper and provides 32% of one’s daily Vitamin C. It is great for the kidneys.

Lemon Oil: Is cold-pressed from rinds and requires 3000 lemons to make a kilo of oil! It is a natural antifungal, antiseptic, antioxidant, antiviral and astringent. It helps to detox the liver, aids in digestion, helps with nausea (for those expecting moms or going through chemo) and helps to lift moods when feeling down. Lemon also helps in the formation of white and red blood cells, leukocyte formation (immune system warrior cells).  It is helpful in treating anemia due to its high Vitamin C levels. The French use   Lemon Oil  as an air freshener, for colds, fever reducer, heartburn and kill intestinal parasites. It  also known to help regulate blood pressure.  

Grapefruit Oil: This is probably one of my favorite oils because I LOVE grapefruits so much! The grapefruit oil is known to be an antidepressant, antiseptic, stimulant, diuretic and stimulant. Grapefruit oil can help relieve jet lag, has a cleansing effect on the kidneys, helps with hangovers, curbs cravings, migraines, manage stress and help with cancer. The French use it for cellulite, digestion, dyspepsia, lymphatic decongestant and water retention.

Water Kefir: While this is optional, this is something I have begun doing as a way to boost my probiotic intake naturally. Cultured in organic sugar, this is a sweet drink and is SUPER easy to make. I bought my water kefir grains from Cultures of Health  and followed the directions on the package. Just make sure you have 2 quart size ball or mason jars. This naturally sweetens the tea slightly and balances the sour taste from the unsweetened cranberry juice.

This would be a GREAT tea to drink during the fall equinox when people are ready for the fall cleanses. Spring and Fall are ideal times to detox when the seasons officially change over.

Happy Drinking!




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