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Libido Boosting Smoothie

Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Food, Gluten Free, Healthy Eating, Healthy Smoothies, Recipes, Smoothie, Vegan | 9 comments

As I just finished writing a guest post for Modern Alternative Pregnancy about, Seven Sexy Foods That Boost Your Libido Naturally. I had a smoothie come to mind, of course! I love smoothies. I love making smoothies that are functional too. While I have received some emails from moms for my Homemade Miralax Smoothie, this one is bound to be more “pleasureful.” Drink this Libido Boosting Smoothie for a few days and take notice how things heat up in the bedroom! Libido Boosting Smoothie: 1 Organic Celery Stalk 1/2 Avocado 12 Organic Frozen Strawberries 1/2 cup of raw almonds soaked over night 1/2 cup of fresh spinach leaves 1 tsp of Raw Maca Powder 2 tsp of Raw Cocoa Powder 2 tablespoon Grade B Maple Syrup (Remember, B is for “Better”) Whip it up in your blender and enjoy. This makes 2 servings. This is not a very sweet smoothie, so if you need to add a little more syrup, go ahead and add some to your liking. Are you wondering why this combination? Celery: Eating raw celery increases sexual stimulation in men Avocado: This “fertility fruit” is known to help increase libido in both men and women Strawberries: Foods rich in Vitamin C can actually enhance arousal and sensitivity and Vitamin C is also needed to help increase sperm production. Almonds: High in Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and the amino acid L-Arginine, which helps improves blood circulation and enhances erectile response in both men and women. Soaking raw almonds not only releases residue and tannins from the skins, but has greater absorption of the nutrients by the body and increased digestibility Maca Powder: One of my favorite ways to boost my energy naturally in the morning, this Peruvian root vegetable used as a folk remedy to increase stamina, fertility, energy, and sexual function. It also helps balance hormones Chocolate! Truly nature’s aphrodisiac, it releases those good hormones we feel after the a little romp in the bedroom. I hope you enjoy this, whenever you need a little fuel for the...

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