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Honoring Marla Richmond, a true mompreneur and pioneer in health and fitness

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Fitness | 2 comments

After meeting with an old high school classmate, she said to me, I had to look you up and when I saw your face, I was like, oh I remember her, she was so nice. It made me feel good. Recently, I was invited to sit on a committee for a medical based fitness organization. I have sat on quite a few committees, but this particular one I was privledged to be asked and be involved. It was for the Marla Richmond M.S. Memorial Education Award‏. I then found myself asking, How Do You Want To Be Remembered in Life? I was on a different committee at the time in the fall of 2009. It was to interview candidates for the Board of Directors. There were two openings. I was slated to interview two candidates, one just happened to be a local attorney. Through email, we made arrangements to speak on the phone for the interview. Evenings worked well for me so my husband could put my daughter to sleep. I was expecting my second child. The candidate and I had a great conversation and why he should be on the Board of Directors. After some time, he spoke about his wife, her involvement with the organization, her influence and passion in the fitness industry. Through our conversation, we learned his wife and I graduated with our master’s from the same institution. After we were done, Marla wanted to speak with me. We had the same professors and talked about them. She walked down memory lane with me when her children were little, while she was working on her degree and writing her fitness education book that would set her up for international travels in teaching fitness from an academic standpoint. She owned her own personal training company and trained primarily women, my passion exactly. We laughed and she was so inspiring to me. I mean, to write a book with small kids, travel internationally and start your own business while raising two kids, it was amazing to me (and all before social media existed, she did it all on her own). We exchanged email addresses and exchanged a few brief emails. It was a fun hour for me when we spoke. She was engaging, outgoing and high energy. Shortly after we spoke, we were to meet up for lunch, however, her son was diagnosed with cancer and she needed to be there for him. I told her it was where she needed to be and offered any help I could give and ended it “take care of yourself too.” As a mom, I often find we take ourselves and our health for granted, so it served as a reminder that we too need to be cared for. It was the last time I heard from her. I later learned she was not feeling quite well and her son’s doctor decided to check her out as well. They discovered Stage IV Lung Cancer. From someone who never smoked and exercised until the day she passed, with oxygen tanks attached and all, it was a quick 9-weeks for her. I am saddened we never had the opportunity to meet. I know she would have been on my Personal Board of Directors. Her husband stated to me that it would have been a memorable lunch. I can only imagine since our conversation was memorable! When invited to be a part of this committee in creating an award to honor a woman who was a true pioneer in medical based fitness, women’s health, and I am saying this, an original mompreneur, When...

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