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When Your VBAC Goes Wrong

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Family, Family Health | 10 comments

  My uterus ruptured. Yep I’m one of the .2 to 1.5 percent that it happened too. The rupture that makes doctors scare you into more c-sections and you know what I’d attempt a VBAC all over again, but you see I was lucky.  When your VBAC goes wrong here is my story… I was 5 days over due with my second baby. April 27th, 2010 I was feeling contractions, but nothing major. I went in to see my doctor, she said “Here’s the thing you don’t want to hear…I’m going out of town and I want to be there for your birth. Go home, see your chiropractor, see the acupuncturist, start the breast pump do what you can to get this labor started.” So I did called my mom, my sister for them to come down and watch my daughter and we checked into the hospital later that evening. I had my doula, my packed snacks, drinks I was ready to conquer the VBAC. Then a pregnant doctor came in… ”I know you are a maternal and infant health educator and you realize your chances of a uterine rupture.” “Yes, less than 2 percent, but I am ready and have been preparing for this and signed the consent” Nurses were telling me how much they enjoyed doing VBACs with my doctor and she was fantastic at them. It made me feel real confident about it. I felt like that doctor jinxed me… 10pm the Pitocin started and the antibiotics 3am I asked for the epidural, the Pitocin was much too strong for me…(it was 3am for crying out loud, I wanted to rest!) Then my water broke, but was not progressing. 7AM still at 3cm, my husband and I began to talk. Each time I moved onto my right to shift a little the baby’s heart rate would drop, but to the left, the baby was fine. It was odd to me and got scared each time they put a mask on me for oxygen.  I had doubts, he had doubts…We consented to another c-section. I cried signing those papers. I felt defeated. 10AM my doctor came in and what would be a routine c-section turned into something more.  C-sections suck big time, I mean the curtain is up, the lower half of your body is numb and you feel like your legs have ballooned into elephant trunks, your arms are spread open and strapped down like you are in a looney bin from the 1920’s…and if you are like me who gets sick from anesthesia…imagine feeling like you are going to suffocate when you know you are going to sick (and do get sick..) and have literally no where to turn….the procedure begins, you smell skin burning, you hear the doctor mumbling for her tools, your body is being tugged from left to right trying to get the baby out…then you hear your doctor call out: Pea Soup Cord around neck 3 times Hole in the uterus Huh?? Ok I get the first two but the last one threw me off, but I was waiting to hear my baby cry and when I didn’t, I got nervous. I didn’t notice the doctors rushing around, she didn’t even announce what we had, but when I turned to my right I saw our baby, he began to wimper and my husband said, “It’s a boy! We have a boy!” I was so happy for us and I knew deep in his heart a son is what he prayed for.  They wheeled our son away and asked my husband to...

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