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Fitcation Getaway to Paso Robles

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Food, Healthy Eating | 1 comment

Back in August I was chosen to go on Fitcation 13, a fitness based vacation for mom bloggers. The opportunity to get away for a few days and meet some moms I had been interacting with online for over a year was something I was looking forward too and so glad I went! Fitcation was a fun-filled time with fitness activities as we all explored Paso Robles, California. Upon arriving, I finally met Leah Segedie the creator of Mamavation™ who has been inspiring women to lose weight online and holding them accountable through weekly virtual chats, twitter parties and her private Facebook group. She has guts and motivated to make world a healthier place by being an activist for passing GMO-label laws, ridding food dyes and junkie ingredients in our food systems. Sounds like someone you know, right? As she kindly stated when I left Saturday night, we have “kindred” spirits. Those are the type you bond with because while many look at you like your are cru-AH-zee when it comes to food, health and wellbeing, folks like this, we understand each other. Kind of like a 50 year marriage.   I arrived late Thursday evening. I dropped of my bags and headed straight to a local art gallery called Studios in the Park for a local, organic meal from Fig Good Food. It was wonderful. I even guessed the secret ingredient in one of my favorite Moroccan dishes they made. Proud Foodie over here. While eating this fab, fab meal, we were sipping on sustainable local wines from wineries that are SIP Certified. Hit the brakes, SIP Certified? Oh yes, there are now official labels for wineries that produce, green AND organic wines, however, SIP Certification is a unique combination beyond those two labels. You can read more about their tough standards on their website. Now I know if I want to drink wine from grapes that is sustainably grown and organic, I will look for the SIP Seal! After the event was over, we went to a local bar and listened to the locals play music while getting to know more folks, including my roommate from Happy Mothering. (Another kindred soul). Friday morning we woke up and did bootcamp in the park with Erin Kreitz Shirey of Dig Deep Play Hard, who was six months along with  her third and the energy of a high school cheerleader. I loved this workout and her hard-core attitude.  Afterwards we were hit the showers and in the van for our excursions. First up Castoros Cellars were we ate a fantastic gluten free and vegetarian lunch. While we were finishing up our lunch the wine tastings began.  We got an informative session on how to sample wines from Stasi Seay of Unlock Wine. I definitely feel more refined after that info session.  During the taste testing I learned that Castoro Cellars makes the Coastal wines for Trader Joe’s and while they do not have the SIP Seal (TJs is a private label) I can feel good buying that particular brand of wine since visiting the winery itself. I did purchase Castoro’s Pinot Grigio and some organic, local chocolate truffle. Oh my!           Next up was the Pasolivo Olive Oil Tour. We walked through the groves which houses 6000 olive trees and learned they hand pick their olives and press them within 24 hours right on site. That is the key to a quality oil which goes through a rigorous testing in California. It is more difficult to pass their testings than international testings. I do know most...

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