I am doing The Gunnar Challenge for 8-weeks

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I am doing The Gunnar Challenge for 8-weeks

I filled out a survey to do The Gunnar Challenge and was selected to give it a try for 8-weeks. Now typically I hate following “programs” because I do not believe one size is a fit all. I did the Jillian Michael’s program though a Klout Perk I had earned and I thought the workouts were fantastic, but the nutrition part is not for me. And I did not finish following through each and every workout. (lack of sleep from my son, dealing with life sometimes gets in the way of my fitness, I am just like you!) Since I follow a complicated diet (gluten, soy, dairy, corn free including no oats, buckwheat or red meats), The Gunnar Challenge will be the same way. I will have to modify the diet to my needs. So this time, I am having you hold me accountable as a way to review this program in great detail. I will analyze it from a both fitness and nutrition perspective. It is nice to have a program to use when you do not have access to a gym, cannot afford a trainer and be a part of an interactive community through Facebook and Twitter.

Registration was easy. Asked for my goals, current weight/height, measurements which were optional. I opted in to enter my weight weekly and checked off that I will work out at least 4 days per week. My real goal is 5 days per week (and looking ahead, it has me scheduled for 6?…we’ll see), but one of those days will be used to run to prepare for the Dirty Girl Mud Run I am doing on June 30.

So that is it. Each Monday I will post for you my experience with using the Feel Great in 8 Gunnar Challenge and I will do some before and after pics…yikes I have never done that before.

However, you can join me today! Anyone who signs up today will get $30 off their registration, that is pretty cool! Click here to register. No worries, you did not miss anything for a workout, today is a rest day. 🙂

Feel Great in 8 Gunnar Challenge
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