Gluten-Free Spinach Pesto Pizza Topped with Goat Cheese

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Gluten-Free Spinach Pesto Pizza Topped with Goat Cheese

Back in January at an play date with some local moms, they said Friday nights was pizza and a movie night. I had just been thinking a few weeks ago how we as a family need to do something fun on either Friday or Saturday night. This is all part of my family-focused goal setting resolution. Spend more quality time as a family. All my daughter talked about the next day was how she wanted to do pizza and a movie night. So in January we began. My hopes is to have a recipe posted for you each Wednesday, so you too can enjoy some healthy, homemade pizza options to make with your family that is not just sausage, cheese and pepperoni, though that is my kid’s favorite too. I believe when we expand outside our palate comfort zones, our kids too will enjoy more. While I did make their favorite, I made this Spinach Pesto Pizza topped with Goat Cheese for kicks. I sprinkled red pepper flakes on it and enjoyed this quite a bit. My daughter tried it, but was not a fan, only liked the goat cheese. Baby steps!

What I like about this recipe is that without the goat cheese, it was vegan, I even made the crust without eggs. My favorite pre-packaged gluten free pizza crust mix is by Breads By Anna. It is also nut, corn, rice, peanut free. And she is super sweet too. Just follow the directions to make the crust. If you need it to be egg free, here you go:

Add 3 tsp of corn-free baking powder to the oil
Pour 1/2 cup of carbonated water to the oil and baking powder, watch it foam and bubble
Add half of the mixture and mix, then add another 1/2 cup of carbonated water until mixed and add the rest of the pizza crust mixture
Don’t forget to add the yeast packet, I almost did!

The pesto is nut and peanut free too. I use raw and soaked pumpkin seeds and replaced the cheese with Nutritional Yeast for the added boost and protein. It also has a cheesy flavor, which we all like.

Omit the goat cheese for a gluten-free and vegan pizza!
Omit the goat cheese for a gluten-free and vegan pizza!

Spinach Pesto Pizza Topped with Goat Cheese

I used my vegan pesto recipe and omitted the shredded zucchini and mixed the pesto with frozen spinach
Topped with goat cheese

Bake until the cheese is melted and enjoy!

This pizza crust makes enough you can bake it all and enjoy for lunch the next day or freeze the other half of the dough for next week.

I can’t wait to share what I have in mind for this Friday night.

Here is how I make Breads From Anna’s Yeast Free Bread Mix Egg-Free too!

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