Food Allergies are No Joke

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Food Allergies are No Joke

Today, I was a mad woman cleaning out my pantry,

getting rid of more junk and I don’t have that much to rid. I am at a lost for my 2 year old son, who has a ton of food allergies and food sensitivities. Just when I thought I had it under control, his skin breaks out in eczema, his diapers get worse again and it is driving me batty. Tuesday morning I had to take him to a new doctor because his stools have changed so much that it is alarming. In case you are not a mom, I apologize, but for moms, those poopy diapers tell a story on what is going on the inside of their little bodies. Color, odor, consistency all means something and even I am at a lost on what I should do.

I have done various tests for my son.

IgG test, which was told it was about 50% accurate in diagnosing food sensitivities *sighs* no conclusive enough for me since he was still having issues. Finally saw a medical doctor that does non invasive testing, which is great and it has helped me and my daughter, who we both sat still through it, but for my son, we got a few new ones, but we couldn’t complete the whole panel. A previous stress assessment test conflicted, but at least he was able to tolerate the entire test and it showed sensitivities to everything it feels like, including fruits, all nuts, peanuts, soy, gluten, dairy, coconut, egg, corn…need I go on? And what kills me is that he really can’t have a banana or applesauce, foods that are so good for us, he can’t have right now, so I need to really, really take charge of our health.

What drives me so batty

is that I have to call every single company to find out if there are any corn derivatives in their products. Forget emailing anyone….I just got one today from Happy Baby Foods that all of their stuff is corn and gluten free, unless corn is stated on their labels. But out of all the non-dairy milks out there, he can only drink Hemp Milk and out of all the hemp milk brands that ALL contained corn derivatives, but Living Harvest, changed their formula this month and is now corn free, but I still don’t know if I have a batch that is corn free yet. Yes, this is driving me batty.

So Tuesday, we got some more blood work done, I requested a Vitamin B12 since he eats no eggs, dairy and little meats, it is concerning for me. I read this fantastic article that morning about B12, here is the article. You see, a B12 deficiency effects the nervous system and digestive track. Given his Sensory Processing Disorder and all of his tummy issues it would make sense. The doctor said he would order it, but has yet to see a child with a deficiency this young. Well a call from the doctor this morning showed he had high levels of Vitamin B12.

Having too much is insomnia

I am glad I asked as common side effects of having too much is insomnia (hello 3am wake ups for an hour or so), skin rashes (yes, even eczema) and loose stools. But he said we still have to proceed with the other allergy and stool testings he recommended. I had no idea why he was getting too much, since B12 comes from dairy, eggs, and meats. He is egg and dairy free and eats meat, but about a couple times per week by choice. It then dawned on me, perhaps Nutritional Yeast, a great source of vegan protein that is high in B vitamins, such as B12. I am still thinking….

So while he was napping I went though my pantry and took out all the foods with ingredients that neither of us could eat, (founds a couple of expired stuff..yikes!). It was not much, but I feel better. And as I am doing this, I am cleaning out closets, sorting clothes that are too big for me, too small for the kids, got rid of all the small pieces of toys, can you see I am ready to start the summer on a lighter load?

So now what?

We go back next week for his yearly check up, but we are to follow up with a Total IgE allergy test and stool test. And a couple more since I’ll have to hold him down for another blood draw. I just want my little guy to feel better.

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